Why is Perth a great place to study


As the capital city of one of the world’s most significant mining regions, Perth is rapidly growing in both population and economic prosperity. Perth has been consistently ranked in the top most liveable cities in the world with the state boasting one of the fastest growing economies in Australia. The multicultural population enjoys an extensive range of high quality facilities and a relaxed cosmopolitan lifestyle. Perth’s friendly people welcome visitors and students from all over the world.

Perth’s wide open spaces and pleasant Mediterranean climate (hot/dry summers and cool/wet winters) create an excellent living environment where problems such as pollution and congestion are minimal.

Perth shares the same time zone with countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia. There is only a one-hour time difference between Perth and Indonesia, Thailand, Korea and Vietnam.

Even with its high standard of living, Perth offers students quality accommodation at a reasonable cost. Quality food and other products from around Australia and overseas are available from Perth’s many shopping facilities.

Perth’s lifestyle is well supported by excellent health care facilities and a clean, safe environment free from the congestion of many other cities.

Perth has four seasons – spring (September to November), summer (December to February), autumn (March to May) and winter (June to August). Temperatures average around 5 – 18 C in winter and 18 – 35 C in summer. Students are advised to pack light weight clothing to remain cool during the warm summer weather and appropriate warm clothing such as jeans, jackets and jumpers for the winter.

The average international student spends about $400 – $450 AUD a week on accommodation, clothing, food, transport, entertainment, telephone and incidental costs.

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